Hebron Community Foundation

The Hebron Community Fund is dedicated to the improvement and long-term viability of our community.

The Hebron Community  Fund encourages people from all walks of life to give back to their community by providing a full range of gift opportunities. A volunteer Fund Advisory Committee works actively to increase charitable giving and award grants to worthwhile organizations that are addressing the emerging needs and future opportunities in our community.

The Hebron Community Fund enhances the quality of life and helps create new opportunities in the Hebron area by:

- Supporting and strengthening local nonprofit organizations

- Providing innovative ways for donors to benefit their community

- Identifying needs and making grants in our community

- Participating in partnerships with other community groups

As an affiliated fund of the Nebraska Community Foundation, all contributions to the Hebron Community Fund are tax-deductible. The Nebraska Community Foundation is confirmed in compliance with the National Standards for U.S. Community Foundations, and has met the nation’s highest philanthropic standards of operational quality, integrity and accountability.

If you're interested in joining in on a meeting they are the 3rd Thursday each month at 7am @ 331 Lincoln Ave Hebron, NE 68370

Contact Info

Name: Patrick W. Kenner

E-mail: hebronfundne@gmail.com

Phone: (402) 768-6027

Name: Rita Luongo

E-mail: rluongo58@gmail.com

Phone: (402)-768-1584

For more information please visit http://www.nebcommfound.org/affiliated-funds/find/details/1883/