City Administrator


  • Attend all meetings of the City Council and its committees unless excused, with the duty of reporting on any matter concerning the City under the administrator's direction; and to attend such other meetings of departments and officials as the duties may require or as may be directed by the Mayor of Council.

  • Make investigation into all affairs of the City and to make recommendations to the Mayor and Council for the adoption of such measures and ordinances as are deemed necessary and expedient for good city government.
  • Analyze the functions, duties and activities of the various departments, divisions and services of the City, and all employees thereof, and to make recommendations regarding the same to the Mayor and Council in coordinating the administrative functions and operations of the various departments, divisions and services.
  • Keep the Mayor and Council fully advised as to the financial condition of the City and its needs. The administrator shall assist in the preparation of the annual estimates of revenues and expenditures of the proposed budget for the presentation of a complete financial plan for the City to the Mayor and Council prior to the consideration and adoption of the appropriate ordinances by the City Council. With the adoption of the budget and the passage of the appropriations ordinances by the Council, the city administrator shall be responsible for the supervision and control of the budgeted expenditures.
  • Assist in the preparation and submission to the Mayor and Council as of the end of the fiscal year a complete report on the finances and administrator exercises jurisdiction.
  • Recommend to the Mayor the appointment, discipline, transfer or dismissal of all city personnel over which the administrator exercises jurisdiction.
  • Investigate or have investigated all complaints filed against an employee, department, division or service of the City, and to report such investigation with recommendation to the Mayor and Council.
  • Act as the City's liaison to state and federal economic/industrial development agencies; actively pursue community grant funding and promote new business and industrial development within the City.
  • Perform all other duties and exercise such other power as may be required by ordinance or prescribed by resolution of the Mayor and Council.