Cemetery Board


  • Hugh Clark
  • Glenn Hinz
  • Steve Bensen
  • Lucy Wegner
  • Lyle Pfingsten

Hebron Ordinances Title 3: Administration

§ 31.20 Cemetery Board.

The governing body shall appoint the Cemetery Board which shall consist of four members who are residents of the municipality and who shall serve without compensation for a term of two years. Two members shall be appointed each year and may be required in the discretion of the governing body, to give a bond in a sum set by resolution of the governing body, and conditioned upon the faithful performance of their duties. At the first meeting in December of each year, the Board shall organize by selecting from its membership a Chairperson and Secretary. The Secretary shall keep the full and correct minutes and records of all meetings and file the same with the Municipal Clerk where they shall be available for public inspection at any reasonable time. A majority of the Board members shall constitute a quorum for the purpose of doing business. The Board shall meet at such times as the governing body may designate. Special meetings may be held upon the call of the Chairperson or any three members of the Board. The Board shall have the general care, management and supervision of the municipal cemetery with the power and authority to limit and regulate the number of cemetery lots that may be owned by the same person; to prescribe rules for enclosing, adorning and erecting monuments and tombstones on cemetery lots; and to prohibit any diverse or improper use thereof; provided, no religious tests shall be made as to the ownership of lots, the burial therein, and the ornamentation of graves. The Board shall pass rules and regulations for the proper use of the Cemetery and prescribe penalties and fines for violations thereof. The Board shall use all revenue received from the sale of lots, gifts or by devise for the care, management and administration of the Cemetery. All actions of the Board shall be subject to the review and supervision of the governing body and it shall be responsible for making such reports and performing such additional duties as the governing body may designate. No member of the governing body shall serve as a member of the Board while serving a term of office as a member of the governing body. No member of the Cemetery Board shall hold more than one Cemetery Board office.
(Neb. RS 12-401 through 12-403) (1999 Code, § 2-206)