Courtyard Terrace

Completed in 2009, Courtyard Terrace is one of the premier assisted living facilities in Nebraska. At Courtyard Terrace, residents enjoy an improved quality of life while maintaining their independence and individual style. Residents can have the privacy they desire but staff are able to provide a variety of services if needed. Amenities at Courtyard Terrace include ice cream parlor, library / reading room, hair salon, wellness center, baking center available to residents, raised flower beds for resident gardening, walking paths in the courtyard, and more.

Contact Us

For any additional information about Courtyard Terrace call us at 402-768-3950 or visit us at:
  • Courtyard Terrace
    1 Terrace Circle
    Hebron, NE 68370
Courtyard Terrace Blue Valley Lutheran Homes Sign with Courtyard Terrace in Background