Thayer County Health Services

Thayer County Health Services (TCHS) is a comprehensive primary care system providing health and wellness services to the citizens of Thayer County and surrounding communities in Nebraska and Kansas. TCHS serves patients within a 50 mile radius with their patient-centered inpatient services, emergency care and full spectrum of outpatient services.
Thayer County Health Services Building


Thayer County Health Services (TCHS) operates a 19 bed Critical Access Hospital in Hebron that is a county facility. The hospital was built in 1967and has undergone three major building projects in 1997, 2004 and in 2015.

TCHS services include an Emergency Room (ER) trauma care, acute care, respiratory care, obstetrics, laboratory, radiology, dietary, echo cardiograph, anesthesia, outpatient surgery, pharmacy, home health, mammography, computerized tomography (CT), MRI, Nuclear medicine, ultrasound, physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, cardiac therapy, echo cartography, emergency transport services, aesthetics and behavioral health services.

Visiting specialty physicians see patients in the Specialty Clinic on a biweekly or monthly basis. Services included are; cardiology, ear nose and throat, general surgery, obstetrics and gynecology, orthopedics, podiatry, oncology, vascular, pulmonary, and wound clinic. Dermatology services are available at the Bruning clinic from a dermatologist that rents space to hold a biweekly clinic.

Local patrons also utilize CHI Health St. Elizabeth, Bryan Health Medical Center, and Nebraska Heart Hospital in Lincoln and Mary Lanning Memorial Hospital in Hastings.

Medical Clinics

The Hebron Medical Clinic and the five satellite medical clinics in Bruning, Chester, Davenport, Deshler and Milligan provide a wide range of services. They include family practice, immunization clinic, allergy clinic, laboratory, radiology and referral services.


TCHS has one critical care transport ambulance. It offers basic life support and advanced critical care service during patient transfers to larger tertiary hospitals. On average, TCHS does over 100 transports per year to Lincoln, Hastings, or Omaha. It is equipped with a 12-lead EKG that can transmit wirelessly a patient's EKG to the receiving hospital. The transport ambulance is staff by one paramedic, three on-call drivers and six EMTs.